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Writer, filmmaker, designer, storyteller

Hi, I’m Kasia.

My name is Kasia Kwasniewska. I’m a London-based writer, filmmaker and graphic designer. In 2019, I’ve written, directed and animated my first short film, Kaleidoscope Eyes. My writing portfolio includes a variety of copywriting projects as well as bylines in a Polish national daily Gazeta Wyborcza,, Panorama Radomska, Thought Catalog and Kettle Magazine. My past projects ranged from print and digital design, e-learning development, digital marketing to multimedia production.

What I do

First, there was a story… and I’ll help you tell it.

A good story helps you to break the ice, share experiences, communicate clearly, develop better habits, engage others, and give them an unforgettable experience. I’m a storyteller first – I’m a writer and filmmaker, so I search for stories in everything I see. That extends to every project that I helped to execute: I aim to tell a story that draws people in and reaches goals – whether it’s a film, an article, a video, a website, or an e-learning course.

Want to work with me? Whatever your story is, I can help you find and tell it using the best channels for the job. Always on brand and aligned to your unique tone of voice, of course.

Animation, film production, multimedia content



Print & digital design

Digital marketing

Through Kaleidoscope Eyes

Watch my short

In September 2019, I’ve completed my first filmmaking project, Kaleidoscope Eyes. Below, you’ll find more info about the project – check back for the latest updates on my upcoming projects!

My portfolio

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