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About me

My name is Kasia Kwasniewska.
I’m a London-based writerfilmmakerdesignermultimedia specialist

but first and foremost, a storyteller.

Hello, stranger! Nice to see you here. Make yourself at home.

My name is Kasia (or Katarzyna, if you’re up for a tongue twister!) Kwasniewska. I’m a writer, photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer based in London. Yes, all of these things.

Currently, I’m soaking up marketing knowledge, making my short films and creating multimedia content as a designer in e-learning. Most of the time, I create print and digital materials switching between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Some other times, I draw and make shapes come to life. And sometimes, I take my camera out and capture a concert, or prepare a set for shooting – I’m fascinated by visual media, so making videos or taking photos also fill up my free time.

In 2019, I’ve released my first short film, Kaleidoscope Eyes – an animation screened at several festivals – followed up by Screen Time in 2020. You can read about this and any upcoming projects here.

Kasia Kwasniewska - writer, director, graphic designer
Kasia Kwasniewska - writer, director, designer

Once upon a time, I found out that I rather liked stories, so I challenged myself to tell them in any way I could, discovering different creative possibilities along the way.

When I was 16, I started with words. I wrote for the local publications Panorama Radomska and eRadomianki in Radom, Poland. Just before uni, I spent my long summer reporting for one of the most influential Polish newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza. I studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster, where I graduated in 2016. While I worked towards my degree, I spent a week in Kerrang!, got involved with a podcast website as a reporter and tried my hand at content marketing. And I got addicted to film, which you’ve probably figured out if you found my socials first. To back up my newfound passion, I completed a few short courses (The Business of Film and Film Distribution programme, two short courses on film theory).

Finally, I decided to go beyond words and motion pictures. I started my first digital design job, landing an e-learning design position afterwards. I’m self-taught – you’d guess how much I love learning new things by now – so I’ve completed a Junior Content Producer apprenticeship on the job to bring all my skills together. It allowed me to get better at marketing, and sharpen my digital skills.

In 2023, at some point during a gig I attended, I tapped the shoulder of a music photographer… and encountered the frontman of the first band I would photograph that night.

Since then, I have worked in multiple grassroots venues in London, capturing photos and videos for promoters, artist management, and artists. I have photographed at festivals, created several music videos, and generated a plethora of social media content, adeptly handling visual media in venues ranging from 200 to 3000 capacity. This has progressed into producing cover art for EPs and albums, as well as taking press photos for artists. Examples of all these works can be found on, my dedicated portfolio site for photography.

Balancing creating e-learning during the day with gigs on nights and weekends has entirely filled my schedule, allowing me to expand my skills in project management, art direction, and studio management.

I’m always open to making something new and learning how-to in the process, too!

Still here? Great. Every experience makes you better at doing what you love, and we have more tools to tell stories than ever at our disposal, so I strive to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. While wearing the hat of a writer/director/animator, I’ve made animated shorts and a few corporate videos. As a graphic designer, I’ve completed a wide array of projects, including print and digital design for internal communications, learning and development and marketing. As a writer, I had a chance to research and write articles, social media copy, e-learning course content and blog posts in Polish and English. I even did a bit of proofreading for transcreation (which stands for marketing translation/adaptation). You name it.

Constant development is crucial to me, so I always make time to learn on my own. I’m always enrolled in an online course or signed up for an adult learning class in a local college to learn something new about the subjects that interest me: film, media, art and design, photography, literature, or the entertainment industry as a whole.

Want to collaborate? Drop me a message using the form below, or say hi on social media!

If you liked my work and you think I deserve a cup of coffee to do it more, you can buy me one. Thanks a million!

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